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bmhntwSince 1998, Method Research Company has served its customers with a wide range of research techniques. The company adopts a customer-oriented approach at the center of which stands high quality and maximized communication with its customers. In congruence with the motto “Let’s think together”, Method Research Company maintains long-lasting relations with its customers both at home and abroad, and with its suppliers.

The company insources for the researches conducted within Turkey. Within this scope, it runs various projects with its own executive staff and pollsters both at the center in İstanbul and liaison offices in Ankara, İzmir, Adana, Bursa, Samsun, Trabzon, Antalya and Diyarbakır. It attaches utmost importance to corporate values and working with professionals. The management body has a simple organizational structure giving topmost importance to ethical and scientific methods.

Additionally, the company, with its high standards and ethical codes, takes the lead in Turkey. Being the first company in Turkey for taking the GAB 02 (Reliable Research Document) in 2009, it has shown how much importance it gives to improving the sector’s quality.



  • Production of marketing strategies within the scope of marketing consultancy,
  • Making use of customer-specific models by combining various research techniques,
  • Being among the first three in any targeted sector of the country,
  • Initiating researches overseas until 2015,
  • Establishing a group of companies that could meet all marketing needs until 2020


Aspiring for a common future while finding solutions with an impartial stance and attaching utmost importance to ethical rules and scientific methods.


Journey to Excellence!


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Where We Are?

Offices in Turkey


Field Organization

Fieldwork comprises both operational and desk researches starting with the formation of questionnaires and lasting until their online delivery to related project groups. Method Research Company conducts wide range of researches in Turkey mainly being in its head office in Istanbul and district offices in Ankara, İzmir, Bursa, Adana, Antalya, Trabzon, Samsun, Tekirdağ, Kocaeli, Diyarbakır and Şanlıurfa. District managers in the afore-said cities organizes all the activities of the Method Research Company all over Turkey. With this district system comprising many provinces of Turkey, the company gives high importance to data collection methods. Moreover, thanks to its insourcing activities that are of high-quality standards, the company puts huge emphasis on concluding studies that are of maximum quality and originality.


On A Path To Perfection

Taking customer satisfaction and permanent progress at its center, the company aspires to be a reliable research company which holds the most qualified company certificates and is sensitive both to the society, business partners and the environment.

Our Values :

– Transparency
– Dialog
– Open communication
– Share of experience
– Opportunity to evaluate the management within the company
– Knowing one’s own mind and working accordingly
– Adopting a humanistic approach
– Friendliness
– Professional stance harmonized with family corporation warmness

Information Security Management System Policy

          Method management;

  • Information to meet the applicable requirements regarding safety,
  • Information that can be accessed only by authorized personnel , the recognition of the protection from unauthorized modification and is replaced by authorized users that need to be available when needed,
  • Information security, communications and ensure Turkey’s technological independence in advanced electronics field and to produce scientific and technological solutions with its qualified workforce and strong infrastructure to maintain and will implement all physical and electronic are used to ensure information security of information assets,
  • Basic and supporting business activities will allow her to continue with minimal downtime,
  • Products and / or people we serve and / or no knowledge of the Corporation will share with 3rd parties and you will use for research purposes only.
  • Any information obtained from our survey respondents to share with 3rd parties and only to use it for research purposes,
  • These individuals and / or organizations to try to reach unauthorized information to date to create a firewall against attacks by malicious people,
  • Information security risk activities that can be explored in certain periods , to evaluate, measure, and we will report,
  • We are responsible for the organization requested information in an accurate, complete and timely manner to deliver ,
  • We are responsible for the organization with the authority to collect the information we received we will endeavor to be unconditional right,
  • Information about our company will provide the accuracy and integrity,
  • Viruses and harmful software such activities as supply will not take the necessary measures to prevent,
  • Legally established and will comply with all rules to be determined
  • All staff of the Information Security Awareness training will take
  • The ISMS continuous improvement is committed.


İstek, Şikayet ve Önerilerin Ele Alınması

Method Research Company’de aşağıda belirtilen işlem adımları ile, e-posta, telefon, toplantı ve web sitesinde yer alan form ile gelen müşteri şikayet, talep, öneri ve istekleri ele alınır.

İletilen her şikayet, talep, istek ve öneri sisteme kaydedilir ve saklanır. Şikayet, talep, istek ve öneri değerlendirilirken kalite politikamıza göre işlem yapılır. Gelen şikayet, talep, istek ve öneriler taahhüt ettiğimiz sürede ve uymakla yükümlü olduğumuz yasalar çerçevesinde ele alınır ve kalite standartlarına uygun olarak, imkanlar dahilinde, en kısa sürede çözüm üretilmesi hedeflenir. İletilen şikayet, talep, istek ve öneriler ile ilgili olarak geri dönüş yapılır. Müşterilerimizin ilettiği şikayet, talep, istek ve öneriler izlenir, ölçülür ve ölçüm sonuçlarından elde edilen veriler değerlendirilerek gerekli görülmesi durumunda ürün ve hizmetlerimize yönelik olarak tekrarını önleyici tedbirler alınır.


          Method management;

  • Müşterilerin istek ve şikâyetlerini ele alma yönteminin anlaşılabilir, kolay ulaşılabilir ve teknolojiye uyumlu olarak herkesin bilgisine açık olacağını,
  • Tüm personelin müşterilere daha iyi hizmet vermek için Müşteri Şikâyetleri Yönetimi eğitimini alacağını,
  • Müşterilerimizden istek ve şikâyet aldığımız durumda her istek ve şikâyeti objektif, özenli ve dikkatli bir şekilde inceleyeceğini,
  • İletilen her şikayet, talep, istek ve öneriyi sisteme kaydedip saklayacağını,
  • İstek ve şikâyetleri uymakla yükümlü olduğumuz yasalar ve şirket kuralları çerçevesinde ele alacağını,


  • Talepleri taahhüt edilen sürede yanıtlayacağını,
  • Çözüm sürecinde açıklığa, tarafsızlığa, gizliliğe, erişebilirliğe, bütünlüğe, adalete ve duyarlılığa önem vereceğini,
  • İstek ve şikâyetlerin çözümünde tüm çalışanların aktif olarak yer alacağını,
  • Gelen istek ve şikayetleri, imkanlar dahilinde, en kısa sürede çözüm üreteceğini,
  • Şikayetlerin kök nedenlerini bulup gerekli durumlarda Düzenleyici ve Önleyici Faaliyet açacağını,
  • Müşteri Şikâyetlerini Yönetim Sistemini sürekli ölçmeyi ve iyileştirmeyi taahhüt etmektedir.

Quality Registration And Awards

Method Models

Discover Your Future with Method Models!


METHODtrend continuously follows sectors of high competition namely being Individual and Institutional Banking, GSM, Automotive, Health, Consumer Durables, Technology and other business branches. Additionally, this model could be easily adapted to various sectors in case of need. What differs the METHODtrend research model from the others lies in its special segmentation which reports the related results.

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Perfect Service Points

SOMEONE IS WATCHING YOU! Thanks to the Perfect Service Points (PSP) research, institutions could constantly follow the performance of their dealers/stores. In this way, they could ascertain developmental fields via sectoral comparisons. When your firm participates in PSP research, it could simultaneously follow sales/service operations within the whole Turkey.

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Budgets allocated for advertising campaigns and the efforts made thereupon considerably determine the success of these campaigns. LOOK AD has been prepared to measure the results of the investments made for advertising and to present them under the light of concrete data. Thanks to this, firms could answers to their questions thereupon.

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Method Switching Model

Available factors in a market determine the new structure of the market in the upcoming period. Among these factors are satisfaction level of the consumers regarding the products and services they use, consumers’ brand loyalty, changing requirements, new products and services presented to the market, price changes and economic and political changes.

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An average consumer receives 3000 advertising messages per day. Under such a message bombardment, have you ever thought how the message of your brand is perceived? Within this scope, communication stands as one of the essentials of marketing. That is why, correct presentation of the messages and their correct reception accordingly stands of utmost importance.

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Institutional Performance Consultancy

Firms, in the long run, aim at increasing sales, growing or making profit. In short, they aspire to end up with a perfect performance. In the long term, it has been proven with many scientific studies that being market-oriented directly enhances the performance of the firms.

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Our Research

Method Research Company Research Types

MS&TM (Method Segmentation&Targeting Model)

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Image Research

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MCS (Method Customer Satisfaction)

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Employee Satisfaction Surveys

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Price Elasticity and Demand Forecasting Research

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Advertising Research

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